Speech Intolerance Myths

Conservative pundits obsess over liberal intolerance for free speech on campuses as a central threat to democracy. However, The Nation's Eric Alterman argues the liberal academy is the true target of free speech intolerance by conservatives. Georgetown's Free Speech Project director Sanford J. Ungar finds that the majority of highly-publicized right-wing speeches shut down or disrupted by protest revolve around the same speakers (e.g., Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, and Milo Yiannopoulos), who typically hve backing from groups like Turning Point USA. Cases involving faculty disciplined for their criticism of Trump make up a larger majority of free speech threats.

NCA is committed to tracking threats to academic freedom. As the empirical evidence suggests, the vast majority of these threats are targeted toward those advancing liberal education.

"The Myth of 'Liberal Intolerance': The most significant threats to free speech come from conservatives"

By Eric Alterman

"Campus speech protests don’t only target conservatives, and when they do, it’s often the same few conservatives, Georgetown Free Speech Tracker finds"

By Sanford J. Ungar