"Silent Sam" and Militarization at UNC

Updated: Mar 15, 2020


"The bold print of UNC-Chapel Hill’s decision earlier this week to build a $5.3 million museum for “Silent Sam,” the controversial Confederate statue, was bad enough. But as people have had time to read the report released by the campus’s Board of Trustees on Monday, December 3, it has become apparent that the fine print is at least as troubling. Buried in the report’s appendices lie recommendations for aggressive university security measures, including a 'mobile force platoon' that would support campus officers in preventing or responding to 'civil disorder and violence at future campus events.'”

The UNC Board of Governors are using the protest movements generated against "Silent Sam" to militarize the campus further, going as far as "intelligence gathering" against their own campus community members. This is an outrageous attack on the very ideals of a university.

“'Silent Sam' at UNC: A Pretext for Mobile Police Forces, Crowd Control, and Intelligence Gathering?"

By Michael C. Behrent

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