David Palumbo-Liu

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

The Stanford community responds to harassment against David Palumbo-Liu.

Case Description:

On January 15, The Stanford Review published an article, presented as a news story rather than opinion piece, which called Stanford Comparative Literature Professor David Palumbo-Liu a terrorist group affiliate for his Campus Antifascist Network membership. Palumbo-Liu received harassing messages and death threats following the article's publication.


The Stanford community calls for university administration to establish a standard of evidence for journalists that distinguish between opinion and reporting.

Palumbo-Liu calls the attacks and the Stanford administration's lack slow and unsubstantial response a "return to McCarthyism" here. Six Stanford Law professors argue the Stanford Review's advocacy for Palumbo-Liu's resignation is a call for unconstitutional limitations on free speech here.

NCA Statement:

NCA stands in solidarity with Professor Palumbo-Liu and those Stanford University community members working to uphold the principle of academic freedom. The attacks against Professor Palumbo-Liu undermine principles of academic freedom essential to a free, open, democratic society. The Stanford Review's article does not present factual evidence, nor does the article promote reasoned debate. The NCA holds up the 700 signature petition denouncing this attack against a faculty member as a model response to such tactics.

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