Canary Mission Anonymity Begins to Erode

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Since its inception in 2015, Canary Mission administrators have maintained full anonymity in their now infamous blacklisting and harassment of Palestinian rights supporters. However, recent in-depth investigative reporting by the Grayzone Project and Electronic Intifada have revealed two key players in Canary Mission's malicious operation: Howard David Sterling and Adam Milstein.

The Grayzone Project identified Howard David Sterling, a relatively unknown “wealthy lawyer,” as the Canary Mission website domain owner. Grayzone never directly reached Sterling, thus his exact motives to administer Canary Mission are only inferred. However, his personal YouTube channel and a previous Jewish National Fund’s IsraelCast interview suggests: "having worked extensively in Israel’s medical and hi-tech sector, [Sterling] sees investment in the country as a means of ensuring American support for Israel."

In another timely report, Electronic Intifada obtained censored segments of an Al Jazeera investigative film about the Israel lobby. In these segments, Eric Gallagher, a former employee of The Israel Project, tells an undercover Al Jazeera reporter that Milstein is a funder of Canary Mission. Milstein himself is also featured stating his belief that critics of Israel need to be investigated and exposed. According to Palestine Legal, "Milstein has a history of using his vast real-estate wealth to smear Palestine activists, ... [interfering] in student elections at UCLA by funneling money through Hillel to elect anti-BDS candidates, ... [and using his family foundation], The Milstein Family Fund, [to support] a number of right-wing Israel advocacy groups that have been active in attacking Palestine advocates on college campuses." The obtained Al Jazeera film segments also reveal that Israel lobby operatives coordinate with the Israeli government, further providing evidence that Canary Mission is used at the border to prevent Palestinian Americans from crossing into Palestine.

NCA wrote previously about Canary Mission's threat to free and open inquiry into Israel and Palestine, their history, and current politics. The Grayzone Project and Electronic Intifada's reporting are key developments in exposing the political motivations and vast financial resources behind such attacks.

"Meet the Owner of Canary Mission's Anonymous Anti-Palestinian Blacklisting Website"

The Grayzone Project

by Hamzah Raza and Max Blumenthal

"Censored Film Names Adam Milstein As Canary Mission Funder"

Electronic Intifada

by Asa Winstanley and Ali Abunimah

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