California College Republicans

The California College Republicans (CCR) received significant pushback after releasing their 2018 platform. The group outlines five pillars: "Free Speech," "Administrative and Academic Bias," "College Tuition," "Grassroots Activism," and "Immigration Policy." However, the "Administrative and Academic Bias" section contains the majority of inflammatory material. The platform claims rampant "degenerate" behavior across college campuses, two examples of such as follows:

we also reject the transgender farce and its associated ideology, and we refuse to legitimize the mental illness masquerading as “transgenderism.”
to ensure the security of our fellow Americans for generations to come, CCR is committed to combating Islamist forces and their evil ideology on college campuses, in any manifestation they may take.

The Board of Directors Annual Session minutes provides some insight into their leaderships' framing the CCR and the conservative movement broadly as victims ready to stand against undo bias. The introductory blurb to their Board of Directors meeting provides some insight into this psychology:

Donald Trump’s presidency has breathed new life into the hearts and minds of young people who feel overlooked and downtrodden in today’s ultra-leftist liberal academic institutions.

It is clear CCR's platform is a concerted attempt to shut down free speech, not an exercise of it. Theirs is a clear, disturbing rejection of an open, inclusive, diverse, critical learning environment that NCA promotes.